12 Sep 2018

Gama Plantations' Clarification on Media Coverage on the Recent Fires in Kubu Raya – West Kalimantan

Various Indonesian media have recently reported on the outbreak of fires in Kubu Raya district, West Kalimantan. In particular, five plantation companies were named in relation to a law enforcement intervention by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK). This included PT Sumatera Unggul Makmur (PT SUM), PT Putra Lirik Domas (PT PLD) and PT Agro Alam Nusantara (PT AAN), three companies that are part of GAMA Plantations, an emerging company group that unites 27 plantation companies under a singlegroup sustainability policy. With regard to these fires, Gama Plantations would like to clarify the following:

All companies associated with our Group are firmly committed to Zero Burning in all land development activity and plantation management operations. We have no interest in fires which endangers the health of our staff and negatively affects the productivity of our plantations. We conduct regular fire prevention and fighting trainings and awareness raising programs for our staff and local communities, and we cooperate with local government, including Police and Army in the event of fire outbreak.

Fire prevention is part of our day-to-day plantation management during the dry season. We conduct Fire Danger Rating and compile Hot Spot Monitoring Reports using data from NOAA 19 ASMC, TERRA/AQUA, LPN-MODIS, and LPN-NPP (LAPAN). We have a well-established system in place to counter fire outbreak, and we run fire prevention programs involving the local community, including trainings, refresher programs, and simulation exercises on firefighting.